Sunday, November 7, 2010

got color?

After attempting to naturally dye the wool roving I purchased...and failing...I finally figured out I could simply use food coloring and it works lovely!  I mean look at these scrumptious colors.  Blue, green, red, yellow and yummy orange. 

This is only 5 ounces that you see here.  I still have plenty more.  I can't decide what other colors to make.  maybe lighter versions to have pastels? I don't know but I am very pleased with the results so far.  I don't regret one bit purchasing it undyed.  It was so much cheaper and the dyeing process really isn't hard at all.  I purchased a full's just the most lovely thing to hold in your hands, so soft and cuddly.  It's almost a shame to needle it. ;-)

Best price I've found for undyed wool roving: Deer Run Sheep Farm


  1. I really didn't know you could use food coloring to dye wool. Could you make a dark deep purple? That would be pretty.

  2. I did make purple...still trying to figure out how to accomplish 'deep, dark' colors. ;-)


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