Friday, April 3, 2015

Still here, still thankful...

446. My 10 year old car.
447. Knott's Berry Farm annual passes.
448. The Knott's meal plan.
449. Learning to cook.
450. Non-picky clients.
451. Humorous kids.
452. Surprises.
453. Keeping a secret.
454. A job that I love.
456. A boss I admire and respect.
457. Faithful friends.
458. Good Fridays.
459. Free work outs at the park.
460. Friday hike days.
461. Walking partners.
462. Monday walk days.
463. Art classes for the ktbunch.
464. Patience.
465. Having communication as a strength.
466. Health insurance.
467. National parks.
468. Adventure parking pass.
469. Good health.
470. 10lb dumb bells.
471. Unlimited text.
472. Strawberry cream greek yogurt.
473. Memories that make me cry laughing.
474. Community.
475. A job that makes a difference.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

Through thick and thin, good and bad, hard days and soft days...there is always something to be thankful for.

446. Christmas movies  
447. reconnecting with long lost friends I haven't seen for awhile
448. birthday parties as reasons to reconnect with old friends
449. neighborhood marionette shows that happen EVERY night at 7, for the holidays
450. inspirational books
451. The Message Version of the Bible
452. free books for Kindle
453. fireplace on Netflix
454. vitamins
455. great deals
456. a new-to-me-grown-up bed
457. a sunflower in the middle of my yard
458. fresh tires
459. the rainy season
460. answered prayers
461. Joy while waiting
462. something to do
463. adopting a family
464. books from the grocery store
465. the lights on Naples Island
466. Christmas traditions
467. Advent
468. Advent readings
469. gum
470. $10 shoes
471. $10 dresses
472. ideas
473. memories
474. truth
475. justice
476. odd jobs
477. ridiculous rounds of family laughter
478. climbing doorways
479. hopping one legged races down the hallway
480. wool roving
481. new felting needles
482. change
483. seeing the positive
484. hand-me-down kid clothes
485. the romance  of Christmas
486. the Christmas story
487. people who ask, 'How are you doing?'
488. people who don't
489. friends who remember
490. being missed
491. love
492. cozy sweaters
493. perfect timing
494. walks along candle lit sidewalks
495. being loved
496. the scent of Christmas trees
497. garlands on sale
498. all the memories contained within a single ornament
499. Christmas lights
500. a great Christian radio station
501. piers lit up Christmas style
502. underwater light shows via glow in the dark planktin
503. oldest first art show
504. sold art
505. hand made rings from vintage jewelry
506. pumpkin spice tea
507. a bright future
508. pink suede shoes
509. crochet blankets that coordinate with my love seat
510. crochet blankets from my grandma
511. homemade rosemary wreaths
512. seeing formerly famous people at auditions
513. a full tank of gas
514. Christmas lights reflecting on the water in the canals at night
515. curved shower bars


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

No matter what the day or evening brings...what sets each moment apart is finding thankfulness. There is always a reason to be thankful. When you can focus on something to be thankful eases the present suffering. Sometimes it cures it.

Spiritually speaking, I have found that thankfulness & praise not only changes the spiritual & physical atmosphere but empowers the spirit too. Thanksgiving isn't just an American holiday..but an attitude and state of being.

The more we find to be thankful for, the MORE we find we have to be thankful for.
Gratitude is always lovely.

366. supportive friends & family of faith
367. a generous church body-family
368. good health
369. amazing children
370. peace that passes understanding
371. faithful prayer partners
372. blessed words to write
373. thrift store deals
374. a new-to-me love seat
375. $1 brownie mixes
376. Winco
377. bulk food selection
378. great grocery deals
379. being able to help others
380. foodbanks
381. Trader Joe's food bank donations
382.the freedom to vote
383. youtube playlists
384. like minded believers
385. an encouraging word in due time
386. Big Lots
387. curved shower curtain bars
388. Ivory soap
389. nightly prayer line
390. spiritual insights
391. catching my first writing break
392. my editor
393. friendly debate
394. understanding
395. positive words of passion
396. watching my 3yo dance
397. childhood memories of holidays past
398. extended family
399. a praying Mother-in-Love
400. grey stripes
401. endurance
402. dreams
403. weekly walks on the beach
404. walks w/ friends
405. Food4Less chocolate chip cookies
406. never knowing true physical hunger
407. free homeschool days @ the Natural History Museum
408. the Psalms
409. reconnecting w/ friends
410. real truth
411. vanilla chai tea
412. licorice spice tea
413. the Holy Spirit
414. pots & pans
415. birthday party invitations
416. YOU
417. the musical stylings of Jesus Culture
418. new found FB sisters in Christ
419. the memory of TMI's boot camp
420. someone to share that memory with
421.  remembering the giant rubber tire mountain
422. the word 'author'
423. dreams that come true
424. John Steinbeck
425. potlucks
426. the kids charter school
427. cheap as-seen-on-tv hooks to hang things on the wall, that actually work
430. scented candles
431. distractions
432. worship
433. endurance
434. safety
435. parents that stayed together
436. witnessing changed lives
437. a mother who chose life
438. stories of restoration
439. good preaching
440. beaded jewelry
441. supportive Mother-in-Love
442. a praying Mother-in-Love
443. PBS television shows
444. scented candles
445. homemade chicken soup


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Song from my Daughter

My daughter sang this song to me today, accompanied by a miniature guitar the Mr. found at the thrift store.
She wrote it herself. The tune is upbeat and fun...and now *I* want to go to Mars!

I'm Traveling to Mars

Oh, I'm traveling to Mars
Oh, I'm traveling to Mars
Oh, I'm traveling to Mars in a rocket ship that only holds two.

And I wonder if they'll take my paper dollars
Oh, I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder
wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder
wonder, wonder, wonder if they'll take my paper dollars.

Cause I really, really, really,
really, really, really,
really, really,  want to get a souvenir for my family.

And I have a magnifying glass
and a microphone
to speak to my family at home.

Oh, I'm traveling to Mars
Oh, I'm traveling to Mars
Oh, I'm traveling to Mars in  a rocket ship that only holds two.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Especially Thankful for #352 & #353

321. nature trails
322. state parks
323. federal parks
324. empty campsites
325. dreams
326. prophetic words
327. encouraging words
328. new insights into God's Word
329. future jobs
330. that I have never been starving
331. I have never been homeless
333. cheap fun
334. unexpected rocky waters to wade in
335. an honest pastor
336. generosity of others
337. friends that seek to hear & obey God
338. my 8 yo-but paid for-van
339. sheer curtains that let  the sun shine in
340. full moons
341. shooting stars
342. backyard bonfires
343. flexible schedules
344. 2 camping tents
345. air mattresses
346. the love of camping
347. a photobucket account filled w/ visual memories
348. monarch butterflies in my backyard
349. free parking near the beach
350. my favorite pink, school logo sweat shirt
351. my new writing job
352. finding out the guy sitting next to you in church was once in jail for murder
353. realizing THAT is the meaning behind the verse 'love covers a multitude of sins.'
354. grace that allows others to perceive me as stronger than I am
355. wisdom when needed
356. forgiving children
357. the ability to keep on keeping on
358. adversity that builds character
359. a steady stream of memories that prove God's faithfulness in my life
360. friends willing to listen
361. friends willing to pray
362. new friends
363. finding unconditional love in unexpected places
364. the striped quilt my dad let me have--just because I liked it
365. my dad. period.