behind the Loveliness

I have been content
I have been adventurous and tired
Now it's time for loveliness inspired.

I am a wife to a talented actor and mother to 4 amazing children, among other things...

What has appealed to me lately is this idea of loveliness. I love the word, in and of itself and use it often.

Organizational and decluttering gurus often proclaim that you should only keep and surround yourself with items or things that you love. The Bible instructs us to think on things that are 'lovely'.

I have decided, made a choice, from this point forward, to make my life as lovely as could be.  For myself, for my children, for my family.

I choose to highlight loveliness.  I choose to recognize the loveliness that surrounds my daily life.  I choose to live lovely, to breathe lovely, to be lovely.

I have been inspired to Loveliness.