Looking for a Guest Speaker?

I have experience leading Womens Retreats, workshops, teas as well as speaking at these events.  If you have a womens event in mind and need a guest speaker, let me know! I welcome the opportunity to share, encourage and motivate women. 

I also offer small group workshops that seek to develop, encourage and strengthen your ministry or event lead team.  If you have something else in mind, we can discuss that too.

Speaking Topics
1. Personal Identity
2. Forgiveness and Reconciliation through Marital Crisis.
3. Fearless Parenting
4. What topic did you have in mind? ;-)

What others are saying:

"...i went to the New Years Tea and it really helped start my new year on the right path. I personally encourage the ladies to go to this and share, bond and renergize themselves. Katy is really giving us a great gift by doing this and I'm a very grateful person." ~Vicky 

"I had so much fun at your last one that I hope to come another time." ~Claudia

"...our 1 on 1... was awesome! Highly recommend, ladies!" ~Megan

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