Friday, April 29, 2011

hooray for hollywood

Sometimes when my husband or one of the kids has an audition, we all go together. Traffic can be gnarly so we'll take some time to hang out and/or see some sights. Someday we'll get closer to the sign...but this was ok for now. We stopped right below this spot at a nice little park and the kiddos ran around a bit. 
Squeezing in family time when you can is a lovely priority to have.

 When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.  ~Joyce Brothers


Thursday, April 21, 2011

do nothing

On Thursdays, I have my 'long' day at school then I don't go back until Monday.  So Thursday is my 'Friday'. I always come home & just do NOTHING. Literally. I can never stop smiling on those Thursday evening drives home. I wonder sometimes if I should feel guilty? It's so relaxing, enjoying the end of my week, I know I have no reason to feel guilty. ;-)

I usually feel I *must* be doing something productive every minute of the day. I forget that rest IS productive. Tonight I came home, took a deep breathe as I opened the door and walked in with a big smile, greeting my family with an enthusiastic shout out to them. I called for hugs.....then sat down and did absolutely nothing. 

Doing nothing can be blissfully lovely.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

my birthday

 My husband took me out to see a live play to celebrate my birthday. It had some hilarious moments in it. The set was amazing. We haven't been to the theater in years. Afterward we went to Mimi's Cafe and enjoyed a late dinner for him and dessert for me. Everything closed early by the theater. I received lots of well wishes.  The weather was gorgeous.

I had a very lovely day.


Friday, April 15, 2011

scent of spring, scent of worship

I can't tell you how much joy fills my heart, literally, when I smell the flowers of spring.  Especially at night but even during the day when I'm walking and unexpectedly catch the scent of flowers.  Flowers are nice to look at and occasionally you are moved to bend down and smell one.  

I always feel as if God is sending me the fragrance of joy, *just* to me.  It's always so unexpected. I know we associate joy with an emotional feeling but can't it be another sense too? Like scent. I can't even express it in words...but it is one of the most lovely experiences.  Perhaps that is the form the flowers take to worship God....not just by their beauty but by their fragrance that can transcend their stationary place where their beauty is don't even need to be near the flower to smell it.

I can love Spring for this aspect alone!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I think this is my absolute favorite pic from the party! He stood there, half in, half out, watching and conversing with everyone in the jumper.  
We celebrated K's 2nd birthday with family, here at the house.  He's still talking about the "jumpy"...and how his oldest brother "bwoke" the pinata.
We should embrace celebration more. Whether your 2 or {cough, cough}38{cough,cough}, every day is a day worth celebrating.
Celebrations are lovely.


Friday, April 1, 2011


We spent the afternoon together after my husband's audition today.  The middles and K played at a nearby park while we waited for him.  Afterward, we had frozen yogurt and walked around for a few hours while waiting for the traffic to die down.  We stopped for a few moments to snap some pix in front of a fountain.
We enjoyed a lovely afternoon.