about the inspired

Hello and welcome to my lovely blog.  My name is Katy and I have been married for a very long time according to recent societal trends. ;-) My husband and I have 4 children to show for it that are currently, and have been their entire academic lives, home educated. They are four of my greatest accomplishments so far in this life.  If I can claim any, that is.

I have been a Christian since childhood but as I've grown in maturity, so has my relationship with Jesus Christ. Through severe trials and loss, love and gain, lovely surprises and disappointments, I have come to a deeper understanding of who Jesus Christ really is and the role he plays in my life.  I have come to a place of desperation in my need for him.  A realization that all that I am or ever hope to be, has been and can only be, accomplished through him.

I have been on a journey of personal identity and as I learn more about my savior, do I truly learn more about me.  Who I have been created to be. What I have been created to do. 

I love to crochet and sew.  I recently made my very first quilt for my bebe'.  It's absolutely lovely. Really!  I also love to repurpose items and make them into something new, like a skirt or dress into a lovely apron, for example.  I recently took up needle felting and I think I may be addicted. sssshhhhh. I like to read when I can get myself to sit down.

I love the outdoors.  I love taking field trips, which are really just excuses for all of us to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  I think family road trips and camping are a must for building strong family bonds!  I love riding my bike. It's a pink beach cruiser with silver flames on the seat and it has a basket. Doesn't that sound absolutely lovely? My husband presented it to me for my birthday, right after bebe' was born. It was one of the best birthday presents I've ever received!

I also love my crock pot and crisp (but sunny) fall days. I want to enjoy life, every aspect of it.  I want to live a lovely life. I am determined to!

My lovely family...@ the GRAND CANYON!
Isn't it the most lovely natural wonder you've ever seen?
(the canyon not the family--although they are pretty awesome too, aren't they?)