Saturday, September 18, 2010

adoption day! adoption day!

Imagine running around your house yelling that, filled with excitement.  That was what we all were able to witness and experience together with some lovely friends.  Our friends had experienced many ups and downs along their 2 year journey and we as a church family, real family and friends were right along side them in love, support, prayer and friendship.

It wasn't just *their* adoption, but *our* adoption as well.  So much so that many of us woke up early to accompany them to the courthouse to witness them take their official oath to adopt their children into their family, to be treated and cared for as their *natural* children, forever.

The courtroom was surprisingly small.  We filed in anyway and there was barely standing room only.  So many of us had cameras it was like paparazzi!!  The court gave their two little girls the softest little bear, each.  They also gave the other children in attendance, bears too.  Wasn't that nice?

When the judge spoke those final words, we all cheered, whistled, hooped and hollared.  It was quite a day of celebration.....and happy tears. 

Lovely, lovely, happy tears.

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