Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lovely way to begin 'school'

I am so pleased with the new curriculum* I have chosen for my middles, this year. My favorite part is the way it encourages, what it calls 'Circle Time'. It sounds like something meant for preschool, doesn't it? It is part of the younger's syllabus but I do it with both middles and the older is welcome to join us.

We begin with the lighting of a candle.  We then recite a poem. I then have us look at the Bible verse of the day on the calender**. We repeat that a few times. If one of the verses for that week is particularly relevant, then I have us focus on that one in addition to the new one each day. Then there is a closing poetic verse, which I have incorporated as a daily prayer. It is just too sweet not to!

Here it is:

May my hands work with care
My heart work with love
And my mind work with attention

We stand in a circle and hold hands during our prayer.
 Then we blow out the candle and begin lessons.
Isn't that the most lovely way to begin that you've ever heard of?

It really brings us together. A ritual that signifies we are going to focus on our academics. It's clear, it's calm and it's absolutely pleasant.

**I got it free from and it is absolutely fabulous!

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