Friday, August 27, 2010

a most Lovely gift

Isn't the most! to say the least? Seriously, isn't it so sweet? I bought that specific one for my Sister in Love. It's small and dainty and adorable.  It will be my third from that seller.  Her work is absolutely lovely.  It's my new favorite gift to give for any occasion, she does custom orders.

Do you want to know something even neater? I was able to purchase this gift with out having to use any of my 'own' money.  It sounds corny but I do these paid surveys online and the company will deposit the payment straight into your paypal account.  I also use swagbucks to earn gift cards. I earned enough to get paypal 'money' deposited into my account. I had more than enough to purchase this lovely little gift.

I am hoping, at some point, I can splurge and get one for myself...just because...just because it's lovely.

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