Monday, July 2, 2012

Especially Thankful for #352 & #353

321. nature trails
322. state parks
323. federal parks
324. empty campsites
325. dreams
326. prophetic words
327. encouraging words
328. new insights into God's Word
329. future jobs
330. that I have never been starving
331. I have never been homeless
333. cheap fun
334. unexpected rocky waters to wade in
335. an honest pastor
336. generosity of others
337. friends that seek to hear & obey God
338. my 8 yo-but paid for-van
339. sheer curtains that let  the sun shine in
340. full moons
341. shooting stars
342. backyard bonfires
343. flexible schedules
344. 2 camping tents
345. air mattresses
346. the love of camping
347. a photobucket account filled w/ visual memories
348. monarch butterflies in my backyard
349. free parking near the beach
350. my favorite pink, school logo sweat shirt
351. my new writing job
352. finding out the guy sitting next to you in church was once in jail for murder
353. realizing THAT is the meaning behind the verse 'love covers a multitude of sins.'
354. grace that allows others to perceive me as stronger than I am
355. wisdom when needed
356. forgiving children
357. the ability to keep on keeping on
358. adversity that builds character
359. a steady stream of memories that prove God's faithfulness in my life
360. friends willing to listen
361. friends willing to pray
362. new friends
363. finding unconditional love in unexpected places
364. the striped quilt my dad let me have--just because I liked it
365. my dad. period.


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