Friday, April 15, 2011

scent of spring, scent of worship

I can't tell you how much joy fills my heart, literally, when I smell the flowers of spring.  Especially at night but even during the day when I'm walking and unexpectedly catch the scent of flowers.  Flowers are nice to look at and occasionally you are moved to bend down and smell one.  

I always feel as if God is sending me the fragrance of joy, *just* to me.  It's always so unexpected. I know we associate joy with an emotional feeling but can't it be another sense too? Like scent. I can't even express it in words...but it is one of the most lovely experiences.  Perhaps that is the form the flowers take to worship God....not just by their beauty but by their fragrance that can transcend their stationary place where their beauty is don't even need to be near the flower to smell it.

I can love Spring for this aspect alone!


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