Thursday, April 21, 2011

do nothing

On Thursdays, I have my 'long' day at school then I don't go back until Monday.  So Thursday is my 'Friday'. I always come home & just do NOTHING. Literally. I can never stop smiling on those Thursday evening drives home. I wonder sometimes if I should feel guilty? It's so relaxing, enjoying the end of my week, I know I have no reason to feel guilty. ;-)

I usually feel I *must* be doing something productive every minute of the day. I forget that rest IS productive. Tonight I came home, took a deep breathe as I opened the door and walked in with a big smile, greeting my family with an enthusiastic shout out to them. I called for hugs.....then sat down and did absolutely nothing. 

Doing nothing can be blissfully lovely.


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  1. Doing nothing is SO HARD sometimes...but SO NECESSARY! I love it that you're doing it and enjoying it. Hope you're well. :-) Susan


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