Saturday, September 11, 2010


We've added this lovely poem to our morning repertoire. We have already memorized the initial one, the daily prayer and we also do a Bible verse a day.  We will include this poem for the entire month.  Birdy's syllabus contains a large collection of poems and rhymes in the back, including one for every month of the year.  This one is not too long, so it's a good one to start with.

September brings the ripening sun,
   The clear sharp morning air,
And asters in a border wide, 
And daisies for the garden's pride,
   And foxgloves everywhere.

Among the rushes and the reeds
   Long purples bend and sway,
Between the water and the land,
Beside the shining stream they stand
   Till Autumn fades away.

Plant crocuses and tulips rare,
   To bloom in next Year's Spring,
And crown imperials rich and fine,
To stand up in a glorious line
   Amid new blossoming.

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