Tuesday, September 7, 2010


is one of the loveliest seasons, isn't it? Today, we got an early sneak preview.  It was cool and there was even a drizzle this morning.  It was a perfect day for the homemade chicken soup I made yesterday. It was also a good day for a nice, big, warm cup of tea. But seriously, isn't it always a good day for tea? ;-)

It wasn't particularly cold.  Definitely cooler though.  Almost crisp.

You could feel the cool breezes blow through the summer's open windows.  It isn't time to close them all the way yet, just a little more. We stayed inside most of the day but I did take K for a short walk in the stroller and wore a sweater and a hat.  One from my stash of crocheted hats and scarves. 

I really just wanted to curl up with a big blanket and read a book.  I did read to the middles before bed...that counts right?

I'm looking forward to Autumn. Autumn is my anniversary, older middle's football, orange, red, yellow.  Autumn is... an absolutely lovely season.

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