Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a little spot

I cleared some spaces on our wall shelving unit.  Each middle now has their own little spot to place their school supplies, books, papers and curricula.  This has reduced the before school stress level dramatically.  It was ridiculously simple to achieve, much of a no brainer.

I had tried other methods but nothing ever 'stuck'. Now all their supplies are easy to find and easy to tuck away.  It's a small thing but it has had such an impact on our daily lives, truly.  No more frantic searching for school items.

All it required of me, was to reexamine my collection of books that were already taking up those spaces.  It was quite liberating to reduce the collection.  Quite freeing to admit that there were books that I had never read and really never intended to.  I gave up some of my own space, to allow them space. It was the perfect trade.By giving up some of my own personal space, I actually gained much needed personal peace.

Sometimes giving up your own spot, allows more room for loveliness.

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  1. I love this, Katy. It's so true. Sometimes the smallest, most simple things can create a drastic change.


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