Monday, August 30, 2010


are one of loveliest days of my week.  I know most people dread Mondays, usually because it's back to work or school.  I love it for that.

For me, it represents a return to order and routine, even though I'm not very big on either.  Now it has become my most favorite day of the week because a friend and I have been meeting for months, every Monday morning, to pray.  Isn't that lovely?  It creates such a focused start to the week.  We began with a specific request in mind but since then, our prayer time has grown to include various requests of others as well as prayers for our children, husbands and families. 

It has been exciting to look back and see how God has answered our prayers, blessed us with wisdom and insight, and honored our faithfulness. Today was no different. I was able to look back on my week and report victory over our first week of school.  It has been so pleasant.

I usually ride my bike to her house, which is always lovely, in and of itself.  My bike has a basket, you know. ;-)  I do pray regularly on my own but there is something extra lovely to join with a friend, over a warm and lovely cup of tea and share our heart, together, with God. Our two some has grown as another friend has begun to join us as well.

Beginning a day and even more so a week, with intentional, focused prayer, I think, is the most loveliest way to begin it.

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