Sunday, February 19, 2012

give thanks in all things

During the hardest moments of life, I can look around and count my blessings. I can sing praises even during moments of sorrow. It soothes my soul and helps keeps me emotionally and mentally centered.

151. the comfort of God's word.
152. surprise packages in the mail.
153. cleansing rain.
154. inspiration.
155. the excitement of a well written word.
156. girlfriends.
157. wisdom of others.
158. hearing wisdom spoken from my own children.
159. moments of peace and calm.
160. living a life founded on the TRUTH of Christ.
161. the grace to encourage others in times of crisis.
162. support of family.
163. laughter of family.
164. the blessing of the smile of a child.
165. hugs of children.
166. pleasant distractions from despair.
167. never being alone.
168. dinner with family.
169. good movies.
170. good books.
171. books that contain the Word of God organized by topic.
172. the fragrance of spring flowers.
173. peanut butter flavored animal crackers.
174. peanut butter filled M&Ms
175. holiday clearance deals.
176. friends that remember my favorite holiday.
177. the beauty and joy of a Monarch butterfly fluttering by.
178. great ideas that I didn't have to think of myself.
179. ending an evening with a warm cup of tea.
180. faith in the possible in the face of the impossible.


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