Saturday, January 7, 2012


 Some days start off feeling like they need a do-over from the get go, don't they? After a lovely prayer meeting last night, this morning I woke up feeling like I could actually get out of bed instead of heavy. Then the next two hours seemed to be all down hill.

God is gracious.
His mercy prevails and joy comes in the morning.
It's perspective. I got up, we all started over and the day was pleasant.

I am choosing to focus on a perspective based on gratitude, being thankful. days
122. patience between paydays
123. Samuel folding laundry
124. art classes for my kiddos
125. being allowed to snuggle amazing new born balls of baby flesh from friends
126. the joy and amazing wonder of new parents
127. seeing how one baby can change a life for the better, forever
128. being able to give encouragement that comes from experienced wisdom
129. toddlers who miss naps and fall asleep early with out melting down
130. a safe and secure home to live in

Do-overs are the loveliest form of grace.


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