Thursday, December 29, 2011

i really enjoy my tea

You know I really, really enjoy tea. I used to only drink peppermint tea, straight, no milk, no sugar. I loved it that way because you could really taste the flavor so nicely. It was never bitter. Then I bought a latte from a coffee shop. Little did I know that it was simply 'baby tea' (tea with milk and sugar) and easily made at home, even iced lattes.

Then one day someone gave me some different flavors like Vanilla Chai and Cocoa Chai...yummylicious. Of course, my looose leaf tea from Ethiopio is still my absolute favorite and it has never, ever gone bitter. Last semester, one of my professors gave me some loose leaf tea from Kenya I think--that was delicious too. One time my oldest brought home a box of licorice tea---oh that was is so tasty, with out additions too!

Over the holidays, I noticed a display in the grocery store of Christmas Teas. They had the loveliest names like: White Christmas, Holiday Chai, Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning, Merry Mint and even Pumpkin Spice, They are all produce by Stash Tea.

Wow were they a fabulous addition to my collection of teas. Such cozy flavors to sit and enjoy. Another new holiday fav was Ginger Snappish by Bigelow. What a fun name for a tea, right?

I have quite a collection of teas now but I just can't stop myself. Enjoying a cup of tea is one of the loveliest moments of my day.

Do you vary your tea selection by season or stick to reliable favorites?


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