Saturday, October 2, 2010

love letters

My daughter really loves to write letters and I receive numerous love letters a week. It's so sweet. I love words and her letters are so precious to me. Her love language is touch so it's interesting that she has developed an affection for the written word. She is in third grade. I treasure each misspelled word,  punctuation and capitalization mistake. 

Here is a note I found on my bed last night, addressed to my husband and myself:

I love you. You are my mom and dad. I Knoe that sam and ernie loves you too. you mace me happy that you are my mom and dad. Kurtis Loves you too and we do too. the dog's love you too. I am happy that you bie us stuf. 

How can you not feel loved after reading that?
I think a late night love letter is the best way to end the evening.

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