Tuesday, October 5, 2010

good morning

Most mornings I am the first to awaken and I wake everyone else in the house soon after....but some mornings, I let them sleep.  I bask in the quiet stillness of a sleepy home.  I boil some water for tea and I relax.  A few moments of uninterrupted opportunity.

There are days you rush and there are days where time and the weather, insist you slow down.  Get cozy, pull out a book or some fiber craft and relish the dark morning.  Then slowly, I realize I haven't open the curtains yet and allowed the sun to penetrate.  

The chores will wait for me.  The to-do list will too.  Some times I will use this time to read my Bible, sometimes I start breakfast and sometimes I spend the time playing with the toddler. (Who says having multiple children robs them of one on one time?)  Other days, if I'm lucky, I am alone with my thoughts....and prayers.

Having room to think, is a lovely way to begin a day.

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