Tuesday, October 12, 2010

fancy soap

I ran out of our regular bar soap the other day but I remembered I had some *nice* soap that had been gifted to me. 3 bars of it from that particular set, actually.  I wondered why I had not used it before.  It was lovely soap.

I realized we often save these *fancy soaps* and they never get used. Why not? They're SOAP for goodness sake, not fine china! Although, if you ask me, I think we should use the fine china much more often than we do. I propose we start enjoying ourselves and allowing ourselves to use the lovely things we possess  Stop hiding them away for .....someday.

Someday is now.  The time to be lovely is now.  Everyday is a fresh opportunity to surround ourselves with loveliness.  Stop waiting for loveliness to come to you and start now, creating the loveliness you want to live, now.

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