Sunday, October 17, 2010


We visited an art museum today that we'd never been to.  While we were there another museum, across the street, was celebrating their grand opening in this museum's space.  They had teens and children doing their cultural island dances.  They looked so beautiful and lovely.  

I thoroughly enjoy watching teens and young people express themselves creatively, through dance, art or even sports.  Whatever it is that they enjoy.  When young people are allowed to be involved in activities they enjoy, beyond academics, it is lovely to witness.  They young ladies looked so happy and proud.  I imagined all the hard work that went into preparing for their performance.  Hours of rehearsal and learning choreography. Hours upon hours spent doing something they enjoy and not getting into trouble.

How lovely is that?
What a blessing it was for us to enjoy that extra surprise.  We merely thought we were going to enjoy some artwork but were treated to some lovely island dancing and music as well.

Another lovely 'family day' afternoon.

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